25 Inspirational Living Room Ideas that Your Guests Will be Asking About

Posted on by Irene Gotley

25 Inspirational Living Room Ideas that Your Guests Will be Asking About

Because the living room is such a versatile space, you might find yourself with scattered living room ideas. And it can be tricky to sift through the latest living room trends to create a space that is functional, inviting, and true to your unique taste. Luckily, all you need is a little inspiration and guidance to build a living room that checks all of your boxes.

In this SpacerStore guide of living room ideas, we’re going to cover:

  • Up-and-coming living room trends for cutting edge design
  • Inspirational living room ideas that will stand the test of time
  • The essentials that every great gathering area needs
  • Modifications for your activities and hobbies
  • How to put together your ideal living room decor plan

With these design tips, you can have the kind of living room that will have all of your friends and family hoping that you’ll host the next get-together. 

The latest living room decor trends

When you’re starting to put together a plan for a living room upgrade, a great first step is to get inspired! This year’s trends have been exciting and dynamic, and are sure to get you thinking about how to transform your own space. Here are a few of this year’s trends to love:

  • Hygge. This warm, comforting interior design style was just what we needed this year. With a heavy emphasis on lounging, connecting with loved ones, and making space for your favourite hobbies, hygge is both a lifestyle and an interior design trend. You can learn more about what this trend entails in our recent article, What is ‘Hygge’ and Why is it Good for Us and Our Home?
  • Eco-friendly. You might be wondering how this came to be an interior design trend, but you’d be surprised at how aesthetic sustainable decor can be! There are two prongs to this approach. On the one hand, modern sustainable technology (in the form of low energy appliances and other smart home devices) provides functionality, while all of the flair and character comes from vintage decor items and other up-cycled materials. Plus, the emphasis on plants and natural light will make you feel fresh and alive!
  • Modern Contemporary. This is the design trend that will really appeal to the interior designer in you. A contemporary and modern living room draws from a range of popular design styles from art deco to mid-century, with updates to modernise the classic look. We recently covered personalising your bedroom with a modern and contemporary style, so take a look at that article for more info on this chic trend.
  • Pro tip: If you’re in the process of upgrading your entire home, these general styles will work in bedrooms, hallways, and everywhere else. Instead of recreating the same look in every room, though, don’t be afraid to switch a few things up like floor rugs and wall art so that every space is unique. 

    Timeless living room inspo

    Clearly, looking to the latest design trends will give you amazing living room ideas. But there are a few interior design styles and rules that endure regardless of trends. If you want to make sure that your living room ideas will stand the test of time, keep these tips in mind:

      • Rely on a neutral colour palette. Starting with a soft and soothing colour palette for the walls, window coverings, and floor rugs will allow you to play around with colour, patterns and texture in your living room decor elements. This will give you the flexibility to change your living room themes as frequently as you like, while keeping your neutral foundation consistent.
  • Clean lines. Lightweight furniture pieces are always in-style, and will adapt to any living room ideas you want to test out in the future. 
  • An open layout. As much as possible, you want your living room to be open and airy. This will naturally make the room look larger, and it will invite conversation and connection in your space. But there’s a practical consideration, here, as well. An open space can be more readily converted for at-home workouts or rearranged for more guests. 
    • Don’t overdo it. It’s easy to get carried away with living room ideas that look stunning in design magazines and your favourite Instagram inspo pages. But real life calls for less flair and more functionality. Try to find a good balance between your theme styling and neutral base so that your living room remains timelessly liveable.

    Essential Furniture Items

    As your ideas about theme and style are starting to come into focus, you can start homing in on your essential furniture pieces. These elements are going to serve as the building blocks for your other living room ideas. We’re throwing them into the mix first because they’re the most important in creating a liveable and inviting living room.

    So, which furniture items are most central to your living room? Here’s a good starting list:

    • Sofas and armchairs. It’s probably a given that your guests will need somewhere to sit, but you’re going to want to be excessively thoughtful about seating. With the right chair and sofa placement, you can create the perfect TV-watching space while also encouraging conversation when you have guests over.

    Here’s how: Make sure you have a good mix of different kinds of seating. A living room with just one large sofa may be ideal for movie-watching, but it will make the space look exclusive. And it will limit conversation. Instead, you might have a smaller sofa with a couple of comfortable lounge chairs that can be arranged according to the activity. 

    You’ll also want to be mindful that you provide a few different kinds of seating options. People with limited mobility may have a hard time with chairs that are too low-to-the-ground or don’t provide enough support. 

    For even more seating, you might utilise benches, ottomans, or comfortable poufs that encourage people to pull up a seat and stick around.

    Take a look at some of SpacerStore’s sofas and armchairs for a range of chic seating options. 

    • Coffee and side tables. There are some furniture pieces that give a room a focal point. Coffee tables are a great example. Instead of arranging your sofa and chairs around the TV, a room arranged around a coffee table creates a more communal and inviting feeling. 

    Of course, you can add in a few additional surfaces, such as side tables or console tables, for table lamps, picture frames or potted plants.

    And when it comes to living room essential furniture, that’s it! These two types of furniture, seating and tables, are the building blocks that will jumpstart your living room decor upgrade. We should note that although these furniture pieces are crucial, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at this stage trying to find the perfect items. Take the pressure off and find timeless furniture items with these helpful tips:

    • Think about creating harmony of materials. Ever walked into a home that was oversaturated with one type of wood or, in contrast, overwhelmed by too many textures? That’s a sign that not enough attention was paid to how the materials would interact with each other. When considering your essential furniture pieces, you want to make sure that they’ll go along well with each other, the flooring, and any decor items you introduce later on. 

    If you have dark flooring, for instance, there’s a risk of creating a dungeon-like living room by incorporating too many dark furniture items. You can avoid that with lighter sofas and furniture pieces. Light flooring, on the other hand, allows for more flexibility in furniture materials, but you don’t want your furniture pieces to be perfectly matched, either. 

    It can also be possible to achieve harmony of materials by strategically incorporating elegant metal or glass pieces. 

  • Don’t get too caught up on upholstery. Now, we’re not saying that upholstery doesn’t matter. But, if you’re getting overwhelmed by choosing just the right sofa or armchair as part of your living room essential furniture set, remember that upholstery is not forever. A dark grey sofa that works for the space right now may need some updating if you rethink your theme. That’s alright. As long as the frame is sturdy and you love how comfortable a sofa is, you can consider it part of the family of living room essentials.
  • Multifunctional furniture is always a plus. Ottomans that double as storage bins, side tables with extra drawers, benches with built-in linen storage, and other multi-use furniture will help you stay organised. 
  • By now, you have a small set of furniture pieces that work well together. These will be your building blocks from which you can start to develop your theme. If things look a little sparse now, don’t stress. In the next section, you’ll add more of the specialised furniture that your family needs.  

    Modify to fit your household’s needs

    As you mix and match from professional interior design styles, you can probably feel something is missing. And that something is you! You and everyone living in your household will be what makes your living space special, and in this next step will make sure that the living room is truly a gathering place. 

    Here are a few living room ideas that may be useful for your family:

      • Entertainment. Even with the rise of streaming platforms and social media, most families still want to have a place to sit down and watch television and movies. If that’s the case, then make sure to add an entertainment unit to your list of furniture items. Of course, TV isn’t the only form of entertainment! Book lovers may want to add a bookshelf, video game enthusiasts will want a comfortable gaming chair, and there are plenty of other hobbies that will benefit from some specialised furniture items.
  • At-home bar. Whether you plan on using your living room for parties or simply want to be able to make a delicious cocktail without having to pause the movie, having a bar in your living room is timelessly classy. Read our article What You Need to Make your Own In-Home Bar to add this element to your living room ideas.
  • At-home workouts. If you enjoy an at-home yoga, pilates, or HIIT workout practice, then make sure to incorporate that into your layout. Many of these styles of exercise don’t need much more space than the size of a workout mat, but you may also want to build in some storage options so that your exercise equipment doesn’t overwhelm your living room decor. A fan may also be necessary for your living room workouts, so plan a storage space for this item as well.
  • Work? Homework? Play area? The living room is typically a place for relaxation, but it’s okay to build in a creative workspace if you need it. Having an extra desk for a teen to do homework or a small child’s table for arts and crafts can encourage the family to spend more time together, no matter what’s on the to-do list.
  • As you can see, this is a stage that will require you to think about what your family’s habits and hobbies are. By designing your living room about how your household actually lives, you’ll be sure to create a well-loved space for everyone. Take a look at the full line of SpacerStore living room furniture to get a sense of the items that you can use to personalise your space.

    Putting together your living room decor plan

    At this point, you might notice that you have an array of living room ideas bouncing around in your head. There’s a lot to think about, from themes to furniture pieces to creative solutions for your household’s many activities. Which is why putting together a design board, sometimes called a mood board, can help you to visualise a few different options before choosing the right one. 

    The idea is to capture examples of colour palette, textures, furniture pieces, and wall art styles on a visual board that will give you a snapshot of your potential living room style. You can create as many of these as you like until you hit on a mood board that you think will be perfect for your space. 

    Because this practice is so common in professional interior design, you can find plenty of mood board apps to help you get started. Or, easily make your own DIY design board with printed materials and swatches from your local paint store.

    You have the basics taken care of. Time to decorate!

    With a creative vision and a list of the furniture items you need to get started, you’re ready for the best part of any renovation project: decor! This is where you allow your inner interior designer to choose the wall art, curtains, rugs, and accent pillows that will complete your dreamy living room look. 

    Not sure what you need? Start with these living room decor items:

    • Floor rugs. Floor rugs don’t get as much attention as they deserve. But it’s not an overstatement to say that they change the ambiance of a room. If you want to achieve comfort and cosiness, go with a textured floor rug like the Miller Rhythm Chime Bone Rug. Or for a more minimalist modern living room, you might stick with something simple and elegant, like the Allure Sky Cotton Rayon Rug
    • Pillows and throws. Accent pillows are some of the most fun design elements in a room. Take a look at some local print artists in your area so that you can find hand-printed or small batch dyed accent pillows with unique designs. Same goes with throws. A professionally hand woven or knit blanket will stun your guests and look amazing in your living room.
    • Plants and other natural elements. Get to know which plants will thrive in your living room environment because these elements are key to all interior design trends. And if you absolutely can’t keep anything green alive, then make space for some other natural elements like fresh-cut flowers or sprigs of eucalyptus branches to have on display.

    Be ready for your guests to ask you about your living room inspiration!

    By drawing on the latest trends, timeless design trade secrets, and your own family’s unique activities and style, your living room will be the best-looking activity hub in your home. Don’t be surprised if your guests ask if you would be willing to design their living rooms, next!

    More questions about living room decor? Reach out to SpacerStore with all your living room ideas!