Furniture Essentials you Need When Moving Out

Posted on by Irene Gotley

Furniture Essentials you Need When Moving Out

Moving out is your opportunity to create your very own style, from bedroom furniture to linens to wall art. With a bit of planning, you can build the perfect space for your hobbies and interests, while achieving a design aesthetic that is true to you. 

Wondering how to get started? SpacerStore has the essentials guide to moving out. We’ll share design tips, talk about how to create a cohesive design theme, and point you in the direction of the best bedroom furniture Australia has to offer!

Let’s talk design

If you start purchasing items for your new room without thinking about your overall design theme, you might end up with a space that looks busy and cluttered. Luckily, you don’t have to be a professional interior designer to create a design theme that you can be proud of. Here are a few interior design tips to keep in mind when you start purchasing bedroom furniture sets and wall art:

    • Less is more. You’ve probably heard this timeless interior design tip before, but how can you use it for your new space?. The idea is that you don’t go overboard with patterns, colours, decorations or mis-matching furniture pieces, at least not right away. By starting with a neutral base, you can start to add in different textures and shapes to create a more interesting visual landscape. 
  • Find your colour palette. When you’re browsing bedroom furniture sets and linens and wall art and rugs, the sheer volume of options can be overwhelming. So, choose a colour palette before you pull out your wallet. It will give you peace of mind and give your room a cohesive feel.
  • Lighting is everything. The best designed rooms in the world are only as good as their lighting, and your new room is no different! Rely on natural light as much as possible (i.e. don’t cover up those gorgeous windows with dark shades), and be intentional with lamps and light fixtures to make your room more comfortable and inviting.
  • With these three simple tips in mind, you’re ready to start buying furniture and decor! 

    First, the essentials: bathroom and bedroom furniture

    The starting point for your new room will be your furniture pieces, and there are a couple of things that these items should do for your space. 

    One, they should give your room a sophisticated feel without grabbing too much of the attention. After all, you want the furniture to look good without pulling the eye away from other decor elements like a stunning floor rug or painting.

    On the other hand, you want your furniture to help you maximise your space. Bedroom storage can be built into your furniture so that you don’t have to worry about clutter overwhelming your interior design theme. The same goes for bathroom furniture storage in the case that you have an ensuite bathroom. 

    When moving out, it’s good to have a list of furniture that you can buy at one time. That way, you can ensure that your bathroom or bedroom furniture sets go well together. Depending on your space, you’ll need:

    • If you’ll be using your bedroom as a workspace, you’ll need a good quality desk setup, such as Baxter Multi Storage Office Desk and matching chair.
    • For anyone who loves to read, you’ll want to add a bookshelf and comfortable reading chair to your space. Take a look at the Artiss Display Shelf and Artiss Abby Fabric Armchair.  
    • Your ensuite bathroom can stay organised with the trendy and sleek Artiss Bathroom Cabinet. If you have the space, you might also consider a linen closet, such as the Multi-Purpose Broom Cupboard, to  help you keep your bed sheets and bathroom linens organised.
    • Finally, if you have an outdoor space in your new place, you’ll want to invest in some outdoor furniture, as well! Take a look at the line of SpacerStore outdoor furniture sets for some inviting chairs, benches and tables. 

    You may also add a few furniture items to your space depending on the dimensions of your room and your vision for the space. Movie enthusiasts, for instance, may add in an entertainment unit, while an artist may want extra storage for supplies. So personalise your list to reflect your dream room.

    Next, linens: sheets, duvet sets, curtains and more

    In this step, you’ll want to select the fabrics that will give your room some colour. Remember your colour palette as you purchase the following:

    • Sheet sets. Solid colour, high quality sheet sets are going to give you luxurious sleep night after night. Take a look at the Vintage Design Eucalyptus 100% Hemp Sheet Sets.
    • Quilt Covers. With your quilt cover, you can start to introduce patterns and textures within your colour palette. Take a look at the SpacerStore quilt cover options to find everything from florals to geometric patterns to elegant neutral quilt covers. 
    • Base Pillows. No need to worry about colours or patterns here. The only thing you need from your base pillow set is comfort and durability! SpacerStore has a range of amazing pillow options for your new room.
    • Curtains. As we mentioned earlier, you want to maximise the natural light in your room. So, even if you opt for some textured curtains, make sure that they are light enough to let in the sunshine.

    Alright, we know that we said this step was all about fabrics, but you might notice that we didn’t touch on accent pillows and floor rugs. That’s because those eye-catching items fall into the next category: decor.

    Finishing off your look with the right decor

    At this point, you have a list of essential furniture items and linens to serve as the base of your new room. So, how can you polish off your look with decorations, colour, and textures? Here are a few show-stopping elements for your new room:

    • Bold wall art. You might set up a gallery wall with an array of interesting and complementary pieces of art, or choose a select few eye-catching pieces. Either way, your wall art can have a powerful effect on the overall feel of your room.
    • Accent pillows and throws. If you’re looking for luxury and hygge comfort, then you might add in a few fuzzy and soft blankets and pillows. Or, go for a colour pop with stunning patterns and textures.
    • Floor rugs. Rugs are perhaps the most versatile decor items in a room. A large softly textured area rug can make a room look inviting and warm. A rectangular rug with geometric shapes can add an element of playfulness and life. There are endless options for floor rugs, so think about what effect you want your floor rug to have on your space before you make your purchase. And take a look at the wide range of rugs on the SpacerStore to find the perfect match.

    With these essentials, you’re ready to move out!

    Decorating a new room is one of the most exciting parts of moving out, and we hope this SpacerStore guide has inspired you to explore your own unique style. With some trendy, practical bedroom furniture pieces, luxurious linens, and eye-catching design elements, you’ll love your new bedroom!