How to Make the Most of your Backyard

Posted on by Irene Gotley

How to Make the Most of your Backyard

If you’re looking to make your backyard into an entertainment hub for a variety of occasions, the right outdoor equipment, multifunctional furniture, and organisation can go a long way. With a thoughtful plan and touch of creativity, you can have a backyard setup perfect for elegant parties, casual get-togethers, and everyday fun and relaxation.

No matter the size and layout of your space, this SpacerStore guide to outdoor upgrades will help you transform your backyard! We’ll walk you through the planning and styling process so that you can have a backyard that your family will love.

Step One: Build your wishlist

If you had all the space you could possibly want, what would your family’s dream backyard look like? Would there be a space to exercise? Would there be an outdoor family dining area? A pool? A place for the dog? A garden?

This is a great way to pinpoint what your family really wants and expects from their outdoor space. Some families, for instance, need a large space for gatherings. Others prioritise having a calm backyard to relax and enjoy nature. And others still may see the backyard as a training ground or place for fun family games. 

By sitting down and creating a wishlist, you can start to think about what kind of outdoor equipment and layout you’ll need.

Step Two: Narrow down your non-negotiables

Now, sometimes when families sit down to talk about the backyard wishlist, requests and desires start to exceed the physical backyard space. Most backyards simply can’t fit a garden and a full-sized swimming pool and a dining area and on and on. In order to start whittling down your wishlist, then, it can be helpful to figure out which elements are most important, and design your backyard around them. 

These might include:

  • A dining area for friends and family
  • An area for pets
  • Enough space for the athletic members of the family to train
  • A gardening patch
  • A storage space

Each family will have a different list of non-negotiables. A household with no pets or children, for example, may only include a garden and a garden shed in their non-negotiable list. Another might absolutely need a pet area and dining space instead of a garden plot. This is all about deciding what is essential for your backyard.

You’ll want to be very specific about the requirements of your non-negotiables list. How much space do you need for your pets, or for the outdoor equipment you’ll need for exercise? How many people do you generally have over for get-togethers, and how many seatings options does that require? If you plan on growing food in the backyard, how much square meterage will you need for a successful harvest?

Once you’ve ironed out these details, you can decide if you have some leftover space for the items on your wishlist.

Step Four: Investing in outdoor equipment and outdoor furniture

Now that you know what activities will be the most vital to your backyard, you can start buying the right equipment. Here are a few outdoor furniture essentials for a variety of backyard setups:

You’ll notice that all of the outdoor furniture and equipment pieces mentioned here are portable. If you’re looking to use your backyard for a few different activities, that flexibility will be a huge advantage!

Step Five: Maximise your space with creative storage

When creating a multifunctional backyard, creative storage options will both free up space for more activities and give your outdoor space a clean and organised look.

Take care to incorporate storage cabinets, sheds, or boxes that fit seamlessly into your design. The Gardeon Portable Wooden Garden Storage Cabinet, for instance, looks amazing in green spaces. Or, if your backyard aesthetic is more modern and industrial, on the other hand, you might find that the Gardeon Outdoor Storage Box Bench Seat is more in line with your vision. 

When a storage option is practical and complimentary to your design theme, it will revolutionise your backyard.

Step Six: The finishing touches to make your backyard more welcoming

With play equipment for the kids, comfortable outdoor furniture for your friends and family, and extra storage for all of your backyard tools and equipment, the only thing missing from your outdoor paradise is your style.

Here are a few additions that can make your backyard space as gorgeous as it is functional:

  • Lighting. Market lights, fairy lights, vintage lamps, and other trendy lighting options will make your outdoor space inviting and comfortable. You might also add in a few eco-friendly solar garden lights for some soft background lighting.
  • Stylish furniture cushions. Gone are the days when everyone had the same bland outdoor furniture because it was cheap and easy-to-clean. Modernise your backyard space by investing in some furniture cushions that speak to your unique style. And, as long as you have some unifying features, like a basic colour palette, you can even feature mismatched outdoor furniture cushions for more whimsy.
  • Blankets and throws for when the sun goes down. There’s nothing better than wrapping yourself up in a warm blanket as you watch the sunset, so make sure to include a few trendy throws in your design.
  • Flower pots with character. This is another great element to add in some personal style and sense of design. Go all out with colour, or keep things classy with sophisticated concrete planters.
  • Rugs. Outdoor rugs add an element of comfort and homeyness that will make you want to stay outside longer. The Everest Fusion Unite Multi Rug is perfect for eclectic bohemian spaces. Or, if you’re looking for neutral and elegant, take a look at the Evoke Dream White Silver Transitional Rug

How will you upgrade your outdoor space?

Are you ready to make your backyard space more dynamic and multifunctional? Here at SpacerStore, we’d love to hear all of your plans for making your outdoor area more inviting and fun for the whole family! Reach out with any questions you may have about design or the best outdoor equipment!