Personalising your Bedroom: Black and White Classic

Posted on by Irene Gotley

Personalising your Bedroom: Black and White Classic

If you’re looking for bedroom themes that will stand the test of time, a black and white style is the classic you’re searching for. The black and white theme is the perfect way to achieve a sophisticated, chic interior design aesthetic, and you’ll find that there’s nothing predictable or drab about a black and white bedroom. In fact, when done well, the black and white theme is sure to surprise you every time you set foot in your bedroom.

And what exactly can you expect with a black and white bedroom? What we love about this style is that it relies heavily on bold swatches of black and white, a contrast that is invigorating and energising. But, at the same time, there’s something exquisitely calming about a room with only two neutral colours. And, with such a limited colour palette, you can play around with textures in a way that would make other bedroom themes look busy. In all, it’s a complex interior design vision with a simple execution - absolutely perfect for your next bedroom makeover. 

So how can you get started? SpacerStore has all of the bedroom theme ideas and bedroom storage suggestions for you to pull off this look. Step-by-step, you’ll have a black and white bedroom ready for a magazine feature!

Step One: Start from zero

As it stands today, you probably have quite a bit of colour in your room. Floor rugs, lamp shades, pillows, and wall art will all take away from your black and white theme if they’re too colourful. Later on, we’ll offer up an opportunity to add in an accent colour, but for now, it’s best to remove all colours from your bedroom and start with a blank slate.

Now, this isn’t always going to be an easy transition as you may have to donate some items or find other areas of your home to place your colourful furniture and linens. Here are a few suggestions to help with that process:

  • Consider placing your bedroom’s current design features into storage. We’re big proponents of sustainable theme cycling, a practice in which you can switch up your interior design theme once in a while. Instead of completely getting rid of the old style though, you might consider putting those design elements and furniture into storage. Then, when you’re ready to freshen up your bedroom look, you can draw upon items that you already have for your next bedroom theme ideas. It’s a more sustainable practice while still giving you the opportunity to change up your interior design with a few brand new pieces.
  • Save some space in your bedroom storage for clashing items that you want to keep. If you have a bright orange blanket that you love to curl up under while you read in bed, you don’t have to get rid of it! Just make sure that there’s a place to hide it during the day so that it doesn’t take away from your black and white theme when it’s not in use. In step three, we’ll talk about some great bedroom storage ideas.

At the end of this step, you should have a pretty neutral room to work with. 

Step Two: Wall colour

You might be thinking that you're only two wall colour options here are, well, black or white, right? But there are actually a few different directions you can go here.

Choosing either solid black or white is a fine option for the black and white theme. Black walls - or white walls with one black accent wall - will give the room a powerful, bold feeling that conveys opulence. 

White walls will serve as the perfect backdrop to your other design elements, and can give the room a sense of elegance and grace. 

On the other hand, you can go with black and white wallpaper or stripes that will give you a range of other effects. If you’re looking for a vintage feel, for instance, black and white floral wallpaper or thin vertical stripes are classic and elegant. On the other hand, wide horizontal stripes will give you a more modern, playful look. 

This is also a good time to consider that there is more than one shade of white and black, and your wall colours will set the stage for your palette. You can stick with stark and bold black and white hues, or choose slightly softer variations. Take a look at a few different black and white theme wall options to get a sense of what is best for your space.

Step Three: Furniture pieces

For black and white bedroom themes, there are three good design directions for furniture: sleek white, luxurious black, and metallic. In most black and white bedrooms, a combination of all three will give you perfect balance.

Sleek white furniture is great for rooms with black walls, bed linens or rugs (think of the opposite for mostly white rooms.) These white furniture items will give you an elegant clean feel that makes sure the space stays light. A good example of this would be the ARTISS French Storage Cabinet, which will give you a sophisticated look. 

Black furniture is a great way to add luxury to your bedroom, so keep an eye out for black arm chairs, bed frames, backboards, and cushioned benches. Take a look, for instance, at the Artiss Storage Velvet Chest Couch. It’s covered with soft black velvet fabric, and tufted on the seat for an added layer of elegance. And it doubles as bedroom storage for those extra items.

Metallic accents are wonderful for adding more dimension and class to your black and white theme. A bronze canopy bed frame, metallic lamps, or the ARTISS DIY Metal Ceiling Pipe Shelf will add character to the room without becoming overbearing.

Step Four: All about fabrics

From bed linens to floor rugs to window coverings, this is the step in which you can really expand upon your bedroom theme ideas. This is also a good time to think about whether your bedroom can benefit from an accent colour, such as a teal decorative pillow or a rug with colour highlights.

We’ll start with the easiest decision first: window coverings. For most bedroom themes, we suggest that you go with white curtains. Black curtains may be appropriate here, but they may also turn your bedroom into an evil lair, so be mindful about that natural light.

Next, let’s talk about bed linens. If you’re looking for trendy and chic, a simple white quilt cover set will be perfect. You might add in a black throw for a nice contrast. The Charcoal and White Square Pattern Quilt Cover Set is another great option in line with the black and white theme. 

Finally, rugs are a lovely way to add texture and coziness to your black and white theme. Rugs are great balancing elements, so think about whether your bedroom is calling for more black or white. If the room would look good with either, you can also choose a rug that features both black and white, like the Evoke Simplicity Black Transitional Rug, or something with a pop of colour.

Step Five: Take a step back and assess

One unique challenge that separates the black and white theme from other bedroom themes is that you want to be meticulous about balance. So, take a step back and look at your bedroom. Are you feeling overwhelmed by either white or black or is there a good balance of the two? And, would the space benefit from a bold pop of colour? 

This is your finishing touches step, so don’t be afraid to pull from other bedroom themes or follow your own creativity until your black and white theme bedroom is perfect for you!

Step Six: Tell us how you did!

Here at SpacerStore, we love to see our customers testing out their interior designer skills. Reach out to us with your bedroom theme ideas and questions about this and other bedroom themes!