Personalising your Bedroom: Modern and Contemporary Style

Posted on by Irene Gotley

Personalising your Bedroom: Modern and Contemporary Style

When honing in on possible bedroom themes, you might have noticed that there’s a whole list of interior design terms to learn. Contemporary, modern, minimalist, hygge, bohemian, and industrial are just some of the bedroom theme ideas that will pop up as you start to look for inspiration.

Luckily, you don’t have to take a course on the history of interior design to find bedroom theme ideas to upgrade your home. In this SpacerStore article, we’re going to take a deep dive into one of the biggest interior design trends of the year: modern contemporary.

This is one of those design trends that seems a bit elusive, but don’t worry! By the end of this article, you’ll be able to enjoy your own modern contemporary room and talk about this design trend like a pro!

Breaking down the terms

In the world outside of interior design, the words modern and contemporary are synonymous. They both refer to whatever is new and innovative and trend-setting.

But if you were to throw around those terms interchangeably in a crowd of designers, they would probably ask you to clarify. In fact, modern and contemporary, while they can be used together, are two distinct design styles.

Let’s start with modern design. This interior design trend has roots in the modern art movement, which took the world by storm in the 1920s. Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern are two iterations of this impressive wave of modern art, architecture, and interior design.

Today, modern interior design tends to feature open layouts, plenty of natural light, and eye-catching architectural lines. Captivating shapes and some pops of colour are often included as nods to earlier modernist breakthroughs.    

Now, how about contemporary interior design? Unlike modernism, contemporary actually means “up to date” or “according to the latest trends” in interior design. Since it was first introduced around the 1970s, contemporary has described a process of pulling from earlier design trends in new and innovative ways. Contemporary, over the years, has incorporated elements of Scandinavian minimalism, industrial, modern and other design trends. 

Of course, although contemporary design draws from many different influences, that’s not to say that there are no key elements in this style. In contemporary spaces, you’ll often notice light natural wood, natural fabrics, and neutral colour palettes. This style also incorporates open layouts, elegant furniture, and modern appliances and materials (here, we mean modern as state-of-the-art or new).

If modern and contemporary are two different styles, what is modern contemporary?

We’ve cleared up the distinction between modern and contemporary, but there’s still a big question. What does it mean for a room to be modern contemporary?

Well, as you might have noticed from the descriptions of the two styles, contemporary and modern styles overlap in many ways. And, even where they diverge, the two trends complement each other nicely, and give the DIY interior designer some flexibility.

For instance, let’s say that you’re looking for bedroom themes that incorporate modern furniture, but you really love the 21st century lighting options, such as recessed lighting, that characterise the contemporary style. By mixing the design elements of both bedroom themes, you’re creating a modern contemporary aesthetic that works for you! 

Choosing bedroom furniture for modern contemporary bedroom themes

Furniture is absolutely central to modern contemporary design. Remember that in both modern and contemporary styles, furniture is all about clean lines. So, steer clear of excessive detailing or flourishing in your bedroom furniture.

Consider bedside tables, for example. A modern contemporary style might feature the Artiss Bedside Table with splayed legs and two-toned drawers. Or, if you’re looking for something even more contemporary, you might opt for the Artiss High Gloss Two Drawers Bedside Table, which features contemporary aluminium round handles and a sleek, high gloss metal design. 

Keep this look in mind for other pieces of furniture, such as drawers and bookshelves. The Artiss 5 Tier Display Book Storage Shelf, for instance, does a lovely job of balancing modernist form with functionality.

When it comes to your bed frame, think about simplicity and elegance. Unassuming headboards, such as minimalist natural wood or sleek metallic bed frames, can help you achieve the modern contemporary look.

The use of fabrics and upholstery for modern contemporary elegance

Modern contemporary bedroom themes rely on minimalist elements with a few key colour and texture splashes. The minimalist features can include your curtains and quilt covers. Then, for texture and personality, introduce highly textured floor rugs and upholstered furniture items with style and interesting colour. You’re looking for a good balance of elegance and playfulness.

For the minimalist fabrics, take a look at the subtle and sophisticated Points & Lines Natural Cotton Sateen Quilt Cover Set. With a neutral ombre effect and soft pattern, this quilt is ideal for a modern contemporary look. Or, you might introduce even more art deco modern nostalgia with the Josephine Black Cotton Sateen Quilt Cover Set. If you go for this bolder look, make sure to balance it with a less prominent floor rug and other accents to prevent the space from looking busy.

Now, how about floor rugs? You might not think of this feature as the star of the show, but floor rugs can do an incredible job of steering bedroom themes in the direction of modern or contemporary or something else completely. If you want to take a more contemporary approach, opt for neutral tones and some light texture. Take a look at the Broadway inspired 935 Rug by Rug Culture, which uses line art to achieve the contemporary style. 

Geometric patterns and bolder colour choices are going to bring more of a traditional modernism into your space. For a nod to the modern art movement, consider the Matrix Pure Wool 904 Sunset Rug. Or, for something more mid century modern, take a look at the Visions Winter Grey Pulse Modern Rug

Just how much colour, texture, and pattern your floor rug should have will depend on your bedroom furniture and other accents. For instance, if you go with a colourful option like the Sunset Rug, you’ll want to make sure that you have neutral furniture, like the Grey Artiss Lounge Chair, to offset it. If, on the other hand, you have a velvet, green or orange ottoman at the end of your bed, you’ll want to opt for subtle colours in your floor rug.

Don’t forget the lighting in your bedroom theme ideas

Natural lighting and intriguing light fixtures are one more way to achieve the perfect modern contemporary look in your bedroom. 

In modern architecture, it was common to see entire walls made of glass to let in as much natural light as possible. Recreate this look by framing your windows with sheer curtains and using mirrors to reflect sunshine. 

Light fixtures are equally as important as maximising your natural light. Hanging lights featuring metallic frames, glass orbs, and unconventional bulb shapes are all going to give you the modern lighting aesthetic. You can play around with bold design for a traditional modern look, or keep things more minimalist to stay on the contemporary track.

Modern contemporary is open to interpretation, so have fun with it!

The beauty of contemporary bedroom themes is that they are versatile! If you love Art Deco, then your modern contemporary theme will bring you right back to the golden age of the modern art movement. If you’re more interested in contemporary, then you can keep it simple while drawing on a few modern flairs to give your space character.

Wherever this contemporary modern theme takes you, we’d love to hear your ideas! Share your progress and questions about bedroom themes with the team at SpacerStore!