Personalising your Bedroom: Winter Wonderland Style

Posted on by Irene Gotley

Personalising your Bedroom: Winter Wonderland Style

Redecorating your bedroom with a winter wonderland theme is the perfect way to ring in the new season. Whether you’re looking for an elegant hygge cabin feel or a storybook wintry landscape, a winter wonderland theme will make you feel cozy and warm no matter the weather outside.

SpacerStore has put together our favourite winter-inspired bedroom theme ideas, so get ready to transport yourself to the winter wonderland of your dreams with these bedroom theme transformations! 

Phase One: Choose your winter wonderland theme

One lovely thing about winter is that everyone has their own idea of what makes this season special. For some, it evokes memories of family holidays in snowy landscapes, while others may celebrate the dry season with mulled wine and Christmas in July. For others still, the changing of the seasons is simply a nice opportunity to spruce up their interior design with a fresh new look. Whatever the season change means for you, there are a few different ways that you can recreate your ideal winter wonderland theme at home:

Elegant Nordic Design

With this bedroom theme, you can tap into a sophisticated, minimalist design that is airy and open while still paying homage to cooler temperatures. This look will feature lots of natural light, pale wood bedroom furniture, neutral colors for the walls, and muted pastel accents. Nordic bedroom themes are wonderful for energising and rejuvenating you even when the dipping temperatures make you want to lounge around all day.

Magical Storybook Splendor

The storybook winter wonderland theme isn’t just for children! With wispy fairy lights, luxurious candles, and light and fluffy white bedding, you’ll find the perfect balance of playful wonder and refined interior design.

Cozy Forest Cabin

If you’re ready for an all-out snowy forest winter wonderland theme, this option is sure to satisfy. With bold winter colours, layers of cuddle-worthy blankets and pillows, and bedroom furniture that is straight out of a mountain cabin, you can curl up and hibernate this winter.   

Phase Two: Winter wonderland theme essentials

Once you’ve chosen your preferred winter wonderland theme, there are a few key elements that will help you achieve your interior design goals. Before you go out and buy your decorations, take care of these essentials:

Choose the right paint for the walls.

For the Scandinavian style and storybook theme, stick to the lighter end of the colour spectrum, with white and pale grey. For a cozier space, go for bolder colours, such as dark grey or green. You may even find a rustic wood paneling wallpaper for a full cabin feel.

Invest in your winter wonderland theme bedroom furniture. 

The right furniture is key to achieving your interior design goals, so take some time to find the right style. 

Be mindful about lighting

Winter styles can easily fall into dark and dreary territory, so you’ll want to be intentional with your lighting choices. For the bedroom themes that are light and bright, make sure that you can provide as much natural light as possible. For a hygge cabin theme, you might strike a balance between natural light and warm indoor lamps or light features to give the space a cozier feel. 

As you can see, phase two is all about putting together the essentials of your bedroom theme. With the right wall colour, bedroom furniture and lighting, you’re ready to finish off your winter wonderland theme with the accessories and decorations that will tie everything together!

Phase Three: Outfit your winter style

This phase is all about bringing your vision of the winter wonderland theme to life! Here are some the best decor elements that will make you feel like you’ve stepped into your ideal wintry paradise:

  • Quilts and blankets. A good supply of comfortable blankets and a high quality quilt are a must for any winter wonderland theme. For the coziest winter scene, consider the 100% White Goose Feather Quilt that is perfect for curling up during the colder months. If you want to add more luxury with a quilt cover, make sure to keep the colors on the light side, such as with the MM Linen Bedspread Set or the White Hollow Out Lace Quilt Cover Set

And, don’t forget the cozy blankets! For the forest cabin theme, go with bold winter patterns like red flannel, or keep things simple for the storybook and Nordic themes. We love the Accessorize Mist Super Soft Blanket for the nostalgic storybook winter, while the Herringbone Premium Australian Wool Blanket is perfect for your sophisticated Nordic theme.

Depending on how wintry your dry season tends to be, you can decide how many extra blankets are right for your space. If you like the look of a pile of winter-themed blankets on your bed, you can use them for decor during the day and then store the surplus in a theme-specific bedroom storage cupboard at night.

  • Patterned pillows. The cozier you want to make your bedroom, the more that patterned pillows and decorative pillows can be thrown into the mix. As with the blankets, pillows for the storybook winter can be muted pastel colours, while the forest cabin can feature a bold Christmas palette.
  • Fairy lights. For all three bedroom theme ideas, we suggest that you add a few strings of fairy lights. There’s something about these soft twinkling lights that will give you that magical sense of a snowy winter wonderland! So, drape them around the headboard or window frames and watch your wintry scene come to life.
      • Pine or eucalyptus branches or wreath. Bring the natural winter wonderland inside with a few elegant accent pieces. Arrange a few sprigs of pine or eucalyptus branches in a decorative jar or vase, or hang up a year-around wreath.
  • Winter-themed wall art. If your winter wonderland theme seems to be missing something, it might be that you haven’t found the right wall art! A simple painting or print can transform your room from ordinary to wonderland, so take some time to explore your options. For the Nordic winter theme, we love simple line art or black and white photography prints. The storybook theme may feature natural scenes of winter wonderlands around the world. And the cozy cabin will become even cozier with pine tree watercolours and maybe a deer or moose sculpture.
  • In this phase, you can take the time to make your winter wonderland theme your very own. Feel free to expand upon our bedroom theme ideas to make your winter wonderland personal and unique!

    Phase Four: Enjoy your cozy new bedroom!

    Whether you’ve gone with the elegant Nordic look, storybook magic, or comfy and warm hygge cabin, the only thing left to do is enjoy the upcoming winter season. Stock up on your winter reading list and prepare your warm beverages because you’re going to love your new winter wonderland theme bedroom!