Small Bedroom Ideas: 21 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

Posted on by Irene Gotley

Small Bedroom Ideas: 21 Tips to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger

The best small bedroom ideas will help you make the most out of your compact space. With the right organising tips, furniture and layout secrets, and interior design hacks, you’ll watch your space go from cramped and tiny to comfortable and stylish. 

Not sure how to go about expanding the possibilities of your small bedroom? This SpacerStore guide to interior decorating will help you build a bedroom design plan to maximise your space.

Let’s get right down to our 21 bedroom design tips to make your bedroom look bigger!

#1: Practice minimalism

Minimalism is one of the best small bedroom decorating ideas that will instantly make your room look larger. Fewer furniture pieces and less decoration gives natural light the chance to bounce around and brighten up your space. 

Getting started with a minimalism practice can be daunting, so make sure that you break the process down into manageable steps. In phase one, you might go through your clothing. Other phases might include books, shoes, or the forgotten items at the back of your closet. 

Now, there are some non-minimalist small bedroom design styles, such as Bohemian bedroom interior design, that can also look amazing. But even with small bedroom ideas that invite more decor, we would still encourage you to start from scratch by clearing out the clutter and relying on a few key furniture pieces.

If, at the end of your clutter-clearing process you have a few items that you want to keep but don’t fit with your new bedroom design, you can pack them away for storage. In fact, it’s a good idea to hold onto a few items during the redesign process just in case you realise you can up-cycle them for your new aesthetic. 

#2: Maximise your storage closet

Your bedroom storage closet is a huge plus when it comes to freeing up space in your bedroom. 

So, how can you go about it? Here are a few tips:

    • Invest in the right storage equipment. Wooden hangers are best for protecting your clothes, while stackable storage boxes and space-saving clothing bags can help you stay organised.
  • Pack away your off-season clothes. Just like you might place your seldom-used items in storage, your off-season clothes shouldn’t languish away in your bedroom closet. Pack them up and store them to free up your closet space.
  • Make a plan for easy retrieval. Think about which items you want easy access to and organise your closet around them. If you’re constantly having to shuffle items around to pull out your favourite clothes, that clutter will likely start to creep back into your bedroom. So, whichever items you use most often, store them front and centre so that they are always within reach.

  • #3: Use colour theory to your advantage

    Even if you’re not familiar with colour theory and how it’s used in modern bedroom interior design, you’ve probably experienced the effects firsthand. Maybe you’ve walked into a sage green room and felt calm and relaxed. Or, perhaps you’ve realised that a bright yellow room reminded you of warm summer days.

    Of course, when a paint colour is picked with no regard to colour theory, the effect is also noticeable. Dark blue walls in a small room, for instance, can make us feel trapped, while bright reds and oranges can make us a bit anxious.

    Just like colours can affect our mood, they can also transform the way we see the dimensions of a room. The main concept that you should know, here, is that our eyes are drawn to bold colours. A ceiling painted in any colour other than white, for example, will make the walls appear shorter. Likewise, an accent wall painted in a bold tone will shorten the length of the room.

    You can flip that concept and make the room look bigger by choosing light, neutral colours for the ceiling and walls. White walls are wonderful at reflecting sunlight and making the room look more spacious.

    And, if you’d like to incorporate an accent wall, make sure you stick with colours that recede into the background, such as subdued, cool tones.  

    #4: Play around with wallpaper

    Similar to paint colours, wallpaper has the power to draw the eye and distort dimensions. An accent wall covered in delicate floral print can make your bedroom design look elegant and airy while keeping the spaciousness. 

    And, you don’t just have to stick with soft patterns, either. A bold wallpaper is great for accentuating interesting nooks and irregular design features in your bedroom. The key, again, is not to overwhelm the space with too large of a swatch of bold wallpaper, as the prominent colours will make the room look smaller. But a pop of pattern placed strategically in a small bedroom can look great!

    # 5: Opt for light- toned flooring

    If you’re in the position of choosing the flooring for your small bedroom, we would suggest sticking with more light materials to enhance the natural light. 

    Light wood floors are excellent for Scandinavian-inspired bedroom themes or you might opt for a light carpet colour. 

    If, on the other hand, you’re redecorating an existing space with dark flooring, take a look at our tip on finding the right floor rug to offset the dark tones. 

    # 6: Don’t block the view!

    As you probably guessed by now, natural light is key to opening up any space. That’s why so many small bedroom decorating ideas hinge on light features that will reflect sunlight. 

    Don’t cover up any part of your windows by placing furniture in front of them. For example, it’s common to place a bed under a window so that the main feature of your bedroom design is bathed in natural light. But, if you’re going to do this, make sure to go with a shorter headboard or iron headboard.

    Of course, you can also choose to forego the headboard altogether. In this case, the window can serve as a stand-in for a traditional headboard so that you don’t lose any natural light.

    #7: Choose the right window coverings

    Speaking of windows, you’ll also want to put some thought into your window coverings. In fact, the colour and length of your curtains and blinds can change the perception of space in your bedroom.

    There are plenty of great small bedroom ideas for window coverings. 

    First, if you’ve got a small window in your bedroom, install your curtain rod well above the top of the window, and fit them with curtains that extend to the floor. It may seem odd to buy curtains that are larger than your actual window, but you’ll be amazed at how much larger your window appears with this simple bedroom design trick.

    Next, you’ll want to choose opaque curtains that will make the room feel lighter and more open. If you’re going for a vintage feel, lace curtains are a lovely option. 

    Now, how about blinds? In a small room, you’ll want to steer clear of dark and bulky types of blinds such as venetian blinds, panel glide blinds or shutters. Instead, opt for sleek roller blinds that, again, will not block light or attract attention from the rest of the room.

    #8: Make use of multifunctional furniture

    By relying on high quality furniture pieces that can serve more than one purpose, you can free up floor space and make the room look bigger.

    Here are a few great small bedroom ideas for your multipurpose furniture:

    • Bedside tables with shelving or drawers, such as the Artiss Bedside Storage Cabinet Unit. This stylish nightstand has two drawers, a shelf, and an open space at the bottom for your slippers or extra storage.
    • Seating with storage built in, such as ottomans that double as benches and storage boxes.
    • Vertical shoe cabinets that free up floor space and provide extra shelving for all your small bedroom decorating ideas.

    #9: Find some clever folding options 

    In addition to multipurpose furniture, folding furniture is another good way to free up your floor space to make your room look larger. 

    For instance, a folding desk or tabletop can be attached to the wall for easy storage when not in use. Folding beds are also making a comeback for small bedroom ideas. Sometimes called murphy beds or wall beds, these cleverly designed bed frames allow you to vertically fold your bed when not in use. With modern elegance, they're great small bedroom solutions that will allow you to make your entire bedroom design multifunctional. 

    # 10: Pick the right furniture materials

    There are a couple of reasons why your bedroom furniture material is so important to the dimensions of your space.

    First, dark or bold-coloured furniture can look overbearing in a small space. As we know from colour theory, these elements will draw the eye and make them look larger at the expense of the overall room size.

    Second, furniture pieces that don’t go well together will also make the space look chaotic. Mixing and matching styles can be a great bedroom interior design practice, but when overdone in a small space, your bedroom can end up looking like a furniture storage closet.

    Light-coloured wood pieces and sleek furniture are wonderful small bedroom ideas that will give you more space for decor.

    #11: Experiment with proportions

    You might have heard interior design pros talk about scale and proportion, but what exactly do they mean? The concept is fairly simple: proportions can be used to ensure that what’s in the bedroom design plan is best for the size of the bedroom. 

    For instance, maybe you could fit a large bed frame, two nightstands, a dresser and an ottoman and in your small bedroom. But, you’d probably end up with a bedroom filled to the brim with too many items. Instead, you would probably want to scale down the list of furniture items or the furniture sizes to open up the room. 

    You also want to think about the proportions of furniture items to other furniture items. A huge bed frame flanked by delicate nightstands might look odd. So make sure to keep proportion in mind for the different physical elements in the room.

    One popular way to use scale in a small bedroom is to forego the bed frame altogether. A bed placed directly on the floor on top of an elegant rug can look just as sophisticated as an ornate bed frame. There are even a few health benefits to this bedroom design plan, as sleeping on the floor has been found to improve posture and offer deeper sleep.

    Attention to scale also applies for things like patterns, furnishings, and textures. In a small space, big patterns, ornate furnishings and over-the-top textures can become garish and overwhelming. The smaller your bedroom, the more you should consider scaling down these small bedroom decorating ideas until you find balanced proportions. 

    That said, you can also play around with proportions in order to make a statement. If you want your bedroom design to be playful and energising, then you might choose a wallpaper pattern that is slightly out of proportion to your space.

    #12: Free up your floor space with floating shelves and sconces

    These small bedroom ideas are all about thinking vertically. Can you store your book collection on floating shelves instead of a bookshelf? How about swapping out your bedside lamp with sconces so that you can clear up your nightstand? 

    Vertical bedroom design tricks like this can prevent your room from getting bogged down by cluttered floor space. The result? A larger-looking, airier room.

    #13: Introduce vertical or hanging plants

    Hanging plants are another easy way to clear the floor space and elongate the dimensions of your room. 

    For potted plants that will be located on top of a dresser or the floor, tall plants like snake plants and spineless yucca are ideal for small spaces.

    #14: Invest in some smaller storage boxes and containers

    Small trinkets can give a bedroom a welcoming and personal feel. But when those items don’t have a permanent home, they can make any surface look disorganised. 

    Give your knick-knacks a proper home with stylish storage boxes and containers for a more put-together look.

    #15: Layer your bed linens

    Instead of relying on one big oversized quilt, a small space will benefit from the light, airy look of layered bed linens. This will keep things looking elegant and sleek while still giving you a luxurious night’s sleep.

    Check out SpacerStore’s line of bed linens to inspire your small bedroom ideas! And learn more about bed linen care with our recent blog, Everything You Need to Know, or Wished You’d Known Earlier, About Bedspreads

    #16: Be intentional with wall art

    As with all other elements in a small bedroom design, wall decor should be carefully planned. If you’re trying to achieve a modern, sophisticated look, line art is delicate enough to keep the space looking clean and open. 

    Bold statement pieces may also be appropriate for your small bedroom design, just make sure it won’t be diluted with other eye-catching elements in the compact space.

    #17: Lighten things up with mirrors

    Once again, we’re hitting on small bedroom ideas that will boost natural light! And with mirrors on the wall, you can completely transform the space. 

    When it comes to size and shape, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. Take a look at the architectural lines and furniture pieces in your room and choose the mirror style that works best in your bedroom. 

    #18: Add in pops of colour and texture 

    So far, all of your bedroom design decisions have revolved around tricks to make your space look bigger. Now it’s time to add the colour back in for a splash of excitement!

    Accent pillows, fresh cut flowers, and other small, bright decor items will add personality to your small bedroom without taking away from the spaciousness you’ve cultivated.

    #19: Find the perfect floor rug

    In large bedrooms, a floor rug will traditionally sit underneath the bed, and extend past the sides and foot of the bed frame. But in a compact space, a rug of that size will likely throw off your proportions.

    Instead, opt for a smaller rug that is just slightly longer than the width of the bed frame, and position it so that less is covered up by the bed. The Selena Rug Ivory is a lovely option for small spaces.

    Alternatively, you can go with a rug runner that can be placed alongside your bed. Something like the Aspect Riverside Ripple Grey Rug would be perfect for a neutral colour palette. 

    #20: Highlight your most prized items

    If you have a piece of decor in your bedroom that is especially meaningful to you, make sure that you give it prominent standing! A single decor piece that serves as the centrepiece on your dresser, or a stunning piece of wall art can help you finish off your small bedroom design aesthetic.

    #21: Make a plan to keep things tidy

    Even once you’ve brought all of your small bedroom ideas to life, you can keep your space from becoming disorganised by planning to tidy up frequently. Remember, small rooms can quickly look cluttered, so if you really want to keep your space looking large and lofty, regular cleaning is one of the best tricks!

    Which small bedroom ideas will you test out in your space?

    Let us know how you plan to make the most of your compact bedroom with these small bedroom ideas and bedroom design tricks! Here at SpacerStore, we want to help you maximise your space, no matter the dimensions!