The Best Home Office Designs that Inspire Us

Posted on by Irene Gotley

The Best Home Office Designs that Inspire Us

Creative home office ideas are the key to having an efficient, focused, and distraction-free workspace at home. And that is great, because although working from home has its advantages - hello endless home-brewed coffee and goodbye long commute - the wrong home office setup can make it difficult to get things done. If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your office decor so that you can actually enjoy working from home, we at SpacerStore have got all the office ideas for you to try.

We’re going to talk desk decor, home office furniture and a range of styles that will make your home office the best room in the house!

Popular themes for your home office

Choosing a theme is a great way to start your home office makeover. The right theme will help you create a streamlined office decor style, whereas the lack of a theme can put your space at risk for clutter and confusion. Here are a few of 2020’s most popular home office themes:

Minimalist home office


This is perhaps the most popular theme for a home office because of its simple styling and adaptability for small spaces. A few key features of the minimalist home office are:

  • White or light coloured walls to make the space look airy and open
  • Simple furniture and lighting fixtures
  • Minimal decoration, a high level of organisation, and absolutely no unnecessary clutter 

What makes minimalism such a great home office option? Well, proponents of this design say that minimalism is ideal for focus and calm. Regardless of whatever is going on in the rest of the house, a minimalist home office can be the best way to eliminate distractions and get down to business. 

Creative bohemian work space


On the other end of the spectrum, we have the creative bohemian work space. What we love about this office decor theme is that it’s open to your personal style. In an office, you may have been limited to the ambiance of the traditional workspace, but in your home office? You can give your inner interior designer free range! Plus, the bohemian look is the perfect way to add some coziness and hominess to your work space. Here are some common elements that you’ll find in a bohemian work space:

  • A pastel colour scheme, featuring white, burnt pink, sage green, and other soft hues
  • Plenty of indoor plants to give life and energy to the space
  • Wicker or natural wood furniture and other natural fibres for wall art and floor coverings

Not only is this home office style trendy and chic, but it’s a great way for you to enjoy your work space. By creating a home office that is this inviting and comfortable, working from home will be something that you actually want to do. And don’t be surprised if you experience a spike in creativity and innovative thinking in your bohemian work space. This is a home office design that tends to spark big ideas.

Professional office at home 

Let’s say that you’re looking for an impressive home work setting reminiscent of a high-powered office in the business district. Then, you’re going to love the look of a professional home office. Here are a few of the home office ideas that are central to this look:

  • Dark, bold background colours, such a dark grey or navy blue for walls or shelving units
  • Large dark wood desk and classy office chair
  • Eye catching wall art and tasteful modern decorations
  • One or two large potted trees or plants with dark foliage

The professional home office makes a bold statement: you are here to do business and do it well. The office decor will look amazing on video conference calls and make you feel like you’re in your own corner office in the city. This style is especially ideal for anyone looking to make a good impression with new clients or simply carve out as professional a space as possible in their home. The distance between your home hallway and your professional home office will feel like a metro ride into CBD.

Which home office theme is right for you?

We’ve highlighted three of the most popular home office ideas that you’ll find this year, and it’s a good idea to select one before buying furniture and painting the walls. There are, of course, other office ideas - retro home offices and hygge work spaces are close runners up - but these three are going to be the easiest to recreate because of their clear vision and popularity. Once you’ve chosen a theme, it’s time to start creating your dream home office!

Home office ideas for furniture

The furniture in your home office won’t just have an impact on style, it may also make or break your workflow. So, you’re going to want to choose high quality, functional pieces. You’re looking for ample surface space, built-in organisation, and a chair that is on-theme and comfortable.

For both the minimalist and bohemian home office styles, we recommend the Artiss Metal Desk with 2 Drawers which is the perfect balance of sleek and practical. For creative tasks, the Artiss Adjustable Drawing Desk is another great option. 

The right chairs for these two themes will differ - the Eames Replica Office Chair Executive is perfect for the minimalist home office whereas the bohemian theme will rely on cosier options like the Artiss ADORA Armchair.

A professional home office will look amazing with the Artiss Metal Desk with 3 Drawers and Artiss Wooden and PU Leather Office Desk Chair. You can finish off the look with impressive background bookshelves like the Artiss Adjustable Bookshelf Storage Rack

The little things will finish off your home office look

Of course, the bare minimum that you need for a home office is a desk and a chair, but it’s the office decor that will really put you in the mindset for work.

For the minimalist theme, the list of office decor will be quite short. After all, the whole concept of minimalism is that your workspace is just for the essentials: your necessary electronics, stationary such as your agenda or ideas notebook, and perhaps one or two desk baubles, such as a small potted plant or candle. Anything that you bring into your workspace should have a purpose.

A bohemian workspace is more open in terms of your desk decor and ambiance. Add in some fun wall art, lay down a bohemian rug like the Everest Fusion Compound Ivory Rug, and make sure to invest in a small army of plants.

The professional home office features high quality paintings on the walls, bookshelves for your at-home library, and a few elegant accents such as small sculptures or gorgeous pottery pieces. The trick for a professional home office is to keep it simple and sophisticated.

Bring your home office ideas to life and get to work! 

Working from home can be tough without the right home office setup. And if you’re feeling cluttered and distracted in your home office, take it as a sign that you might need to revamp your space. With some intentional interior design and practical home office furniture, you’ll feel focused and efficient in your one-of-a-kind home office. And you’ll finally be able to enjoy all the benefits of working from home. 

Have you been renovating your at-home workspace? Share your home office ideas with us at SpacerStore!