Ways to Redecorate and Reorganise your Home

Posted on by Irene Gotley

Ways to Redecorate and Reorganise your Home

As we are spending more time at home, many are looking to reorganise and redecorate to adapt to the new living arrangements. That might mean transforming the spare bedroom into an office space, opening up the dining room a bit more or revamping the toy room. Here are just a few ways that you can make your home a little bit cosier and homier. 

Home Office

Setting up a home office is a great way to help you keep your work separate from the rest of your home life. Unlike a traditional office, you have much more creative freedom to decorate it however you choose. Start with a theme plus a colour scheme and start selecting or rearranging your furniture and stationary to match. The decoration and design of your office could also improve your productivity so be sure to keep that in mind!

Entertainment Room

As your guest room may be remaining empty for the next little while, why not transform it into a communal entertainment room. It’s a nice way for you and the family to spend some downtime together. You can have every board game you can get your hands on stored around this room for games night, or have a projector setup perfect for those Netflix TV series binges and movie marathons. And if you’re a video gamer, a comfy chair and surround sound will elevate your gaming experience to the next level.  

Home Library

For those of you who enjoy nothing more than to sit down in a comfy chair surrounded by pillows, pets and a good book, having a little library set up in your home would be a dream come true. While you could read anywhere, your little setup is a place where you can enjoy that time undisturbed. Decorate it however you like. Try mismatching light curtains so that the natural sunlight can shine its way through, as well as darker curtains so that your books are protected from the direct sunlight. Find a great armchair or, if you have some DIY skills, try building yourself a reading nook.

Toy Room

With the kids at home each day, toys, lego and paints can easily creep into every room in the house. If you’re not using your spare bedroom, why not transform it into a toy room? Dedicated for play time, it can help you structure your home and minimise your chances of stepping on lego. It can also be transformed into a learning experience, helping to teach your kids to be in charge of their space and to pack away their toys properly. You can start them off on the right foot with some themed shelves and let them make their space into their dream play area. 


A nice rug can work wonders, from making a room appear brighter or making it cozy. The size and shape of a rug within a room is quite important, as larger rugs can make a room feel small if they’re not placed properly or paired with the right amount of furniture. Also think about the patterns and colours of your chosen rug. Brighter reds and copper browns give off a warm feeling so it would be ideal for if you’re going for a more cosy theme. For more open spaces such as a family room or entryway, try brighter, cool colours like blues and greens.

Quality of the rug is extremely important, particularly if it is placed in a high thoroughfare area. Flat-weave or low-pile rugs are the best choice for the dining room, as they are easy to clean and the chairs don’t get caught on the rug when you’re pulling them across the floor. Living rooms and bedrooms can benefit from having more of the fluffier rugs, where there’s less chance of spillages and furniture getting caught in the tresses. 

Storage Room

A practical decision would be to make any spare space you have available into a storage room of some sort. You could have various shelves and cabinets for different things you will need around the house. From storing drying clothes to fruit and vegetable preserves, the right storage boxes, containers and drawers puts you miles ahead. If you don't have that much space around your home, you can always include storage options within each room. There are bathroom cabinets that keep the fresh towels dry and ready to use. These options can be applied to any room in your home, so don’t limit yourself and store smartly!


There are so many options you can choose from in order to make your home more than a sleeping space. Some of these options can double up, so don’t feel like you have to settle on just one thing! Decorate it however you like and make it yours.