What you Need to Make your Own In-House Bar

Posted on by Irene Gotley

What you Need to Make your Own In-House Bar

Hygge is the latest trend in interior design, and you might be wondering how you can pair that with your dream of having an in-home bar. How can you create a stylish, functional space to create cosy, delicious cocktails that will make staying at home a luxury?

SpacerStore has all of the home bar ideas to make it happen. We’ll cover practical bar furniture and storage options, cocktail essentials, and even a few of the best drink recipes to celebrate your new in-home bar. 

So pour yourself a drink, and let’s start planning!

Step One: Find the perfect spot in your home for an in-home bar

To find the right location for your in-home bar, there are a few practical considerations. 

On the one hand, let’s think about the hygge factor. You might remember from our recent article, What is ‘Hygge’ and Why is it Good for Us and our Home, that this style is all about the good life. It’s a way to remind ourselves to enjoy our time at home with loved ones. Now, if you’re having to interrupt your social time with family to go to the kitchen to make a drink, that doesn’t fully embody the hygge lifestyle.

So, to start out, you want to choose a location that is near your preferred social gathering spot. If you spend a lot of time in the living room, for instance, choose an area in that space. If you and your friends are always in the backyard, then you might opt for a backyard bar.

Next, you want to consider what’s best for your bar essentials. Your hygge social scene may revolve around a roaring fire pit, but a bar too close to the heat will damage your liqueurs. Likewise, you don’t want to place your alcohol bottles in direct sunlight, so consider locations that are shaded or away from sunny windows. 

And finally, think about your electrical outlets. Do you want your bar at home to have a mini fridge, wine fridge, ice maker, or blender? If so, you’ll want your bar furniture to be placed within reach of an electrical outlet.  

Finding the right spot in your home for your bar can be tricky, but with these considerations, you’re bound to find a place that fits right in with your hygge home.

Step two: Build your bar at home from the ground up with the best bar furniture

What often happens with beginning mixologists looking to upgrade their setup is that they use the storage space already available to them. You might find a few shelves from the bookshelf cleared out for bottles or a side table covered in various cocktail making equipment. What we want to invite you to do instead is create a bar at home that is immediately obvious and exciting to your guests. With the right bar furniture, your friends and family will know right away that they’re going to get an amazing bar at home experience. There are a couple of ways that you can achieve this:

If, on the one hand, you’re interested in a basic bar setup with only a few essentials, we recommend something like the Montauk Kitchen Trolley or the Kitchen Island Trolley with Open Shelves. These bar furniture trolleys will ensure that you have enough storage space to house a few bottles, glasses, and cocktail-making tools. If you’re looking for home bar ideas that won’t take up too much space, these movable yet sturdy bar trolleys are ideal. And their natural wood bar top finish will blend right in with your Scandinavian hygge aesthetic.  

If you’re looking for even more storage space so that you can make a wider range of drinks, then one trolley may not cut it. In this case, we suggest setting up the Artiss Vintage High Bar Table to use as your main work area, plus additional shelving for storage of your supplies. Consider, for example, installing the Artiss DIY Metal Ceiling Pipe Shelf directly over or slightly off to the side of your bar table, where you can display all of your drink making equipment. The key here is to make sure that your bar table and your shelving units match so that you can create a cohesive home bar furniture set. 

At home bar stools are a lovely finishing touch to your bar at home. They’ll invite your guests to act as an audience as you whip up some tasty beverages. Take a look at the range of SpacerStore bar stools to find the ones that will go with your hygge home bar ideas. 

Step Three: Stock up on the spirits!

At this point, you have a great foundation for your home bar: the right location for your hygge lifestyle and amazing bar furniture for storage and design. Now, it’s time for the most important additions: the alcohol and cocktail supplies! Here’s a list of at home bar essentials that you’ll need to make delicious drinks:

  • The spirits: gin, vodka, tequila and a light rum are the stars of the show for many different cocktails, so make sure that they’re in your lineup. For dark spirits, have a couple of different whiskeys for the classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned or Whiskey Sour. You might also throw in something out of the ordinary, like a Mexican Mezcal, Brazilian Cachaça, or a locally distilled alcohol. And finally, add triple sec to your list - this orange-flavoured liqueur is essential for many cocktails.
  • Mixers: sparkling water, bitters, fresh squeezed fruit juices, and an array of light and dark soft drinks will provide you with endless cocktail options.
  • Mixology equipment: An experienced mixologist may have an astounding amount of tools. But when you’re first starting out, it’s fine to stick to the basics. Your list should include a jigger, bar spoon, a shaker (either glass or metal), a strainer and muddler. 
  • An array of glasses: Believe it or not, the glass that you serve a cocktail in matters. The essentials include wine glasses, martini glasses, highball glasses, champagne glasses, and single rock glasses. 
  • Garnishes and ice: These may seem like less-than-neccessary additions, but they are actually key to your cocktails. Invest in some quality cocktail ice trays and have fresh herbs and citrus peels for garnish.

As you can see, there’s quite a lot that will need to go into your bar at home. And as you become a more skilled at home bartender, you’ll find a whole world of new ingredients and equipment to explore!

Step Four: Learn some basic recipes

Learning how to mix drinks is fun and exciting, and you’re probably eager to get started! So here are a few simple recipes for your mixology training:

Old Fashioned

Made with bourbon whiskey, simple syrup, bitters, and an orange twist, this is the cocktail classic that any novice bartender should learn. Find the full recipe, here

Gin and Tonic

For a cocktail whose ingredients are in the name, this cocktail is more technical than you would expect. You’ll want to use high quality gin, the perfect G&T glass, and garnishes to impress. Get a full instruction manual, here

Moscow Mule

The zest from this tasty vodka-based cocktail comes from lime, fresh ginger, and ginger beer. It’s served in a copper mug and garnished with lime slices and a sprig of mint. Fun fact about this common cocktail, it was actually invented in Los Angeles. You can learn how to make it, here.

Step Five: Enjoy your bar at home!

You have everything you need to make the bar at home that you’ve always wanted! Wow your loved ones with creative or classic drinks, and enjoy the social aspect that a bar at home adds to your hygge lifestyle! 

Cheers to you from SpacerStore!