Atrium Polo Round Pink

$140.00 $89.00

Atrium Shiva Bleached Rug

$199.00 $99.00

Atrium Pilu Natural Rug

$199.00 $99.00

Atrium Barker Pink Rug

$199.00 $129.00

Atrium Polo Charcoal Rug

$140.00 $89.00

Where Can I Use A Rug?

The options are endless. You can buy durable indoor rugs to service and suit every room, from your bedroom & bathroom to your hallway, kitchen, living room & study area.

Kids’ pla. . .
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Where Can I Use A Rug?

The options are endless. You can buy durable indoor rugs to service and suit every room, from your bedroom & bathroom to your hallway, kitchen, living room & study area.

Kids’ playrooms are an excellent area for rugs. Our kids rug range includes a selection that will inspire you to give their space a complete makeover.

Why not step outside onto outdoor rugs? Warm your feet while enjoying dinner on the patio, or furnish your deck with a durable, waterproof Terrace collection rug.

What Type of Rug Should I Pick?

The rug type you pick largely rests on your style. Very into vintage or prefer traditional rugs?

Whether you have a Bondi Beach house or are revamping your Rockdale residence, pick from our modern rugs and old school options. You’ll find the one to match your personal style.

  • Berber rugs: Made from various materials such as nylon, olefin fiber and wool, berber rugs are hard-wearing & handle heavy foot traffic.
  • Cotton rugs: Cotton rugs are comfortable, natural, versatile & eco-friendly.
  • Dhurrie rugs: Of Indian origin, dhurrie rugs are loom woven using a flatweave design. They’re durable and decorative.
  • Flatweave rugs: Flatweave rugs don’t contain any knots. They’re made of parallel running fibres covering the entire rug’s surface. Excellent insulators all year round, they’re robust, heavy duty and easily preserved.
  • Hemp rugs: Woven from hemp grass originating in China, hemp rugs have a striking rich tone. They’re natural, long lasting and undyed.
  • Jute rugs: Made from durable, natural and soft fibers, jute rugs are pet friendly & easy to clean.
  • Natural fibre rugs: Natural fibre rugs such as jute, seagrass and sisal are neutral, affordable, eco-friendly & easily maintained. Why not bring a piece of nature into your home?
  • Shag rugs: With a thick pile, shag rugs are ideal for high traffic areas and can withstand daily activity.
  • Sisal rugs: Made from a tropical plant, sisal rugs are sturdy and best suited to doorways & steps.
  • Wool rugs: Look at our Skandi collection for wool rugs. They’re fantastic insulators, long lasting and environmentally friendly.

What Rug Patterns Are Available?

Having designer rugs in your home has never been easier! Need something new for your NSW nest? The world’s your oyster with our New South Wales pattern range:


An abstract rug will complete your modern décor and add splashes of colour.


Incorporating traditional and contemporary styles, damask rugs are classic, dramatic, eye catching & richly detailed.


Add a chevron rug to modernise your room and add warmth. Its structured look is dynamic and visually appealing.


Beautiful, elegant and like a floor artwork, floral patterns match vintage styles but range from traditional to modern designs.


Take a look at our Matrix collection to see how a geometric rug creates a contemporary look.


Originating in Asia and South America, Ikat rugs are a popular style made of dyed yarns.


Intricate and made using high quality fabrics, lattice rugs can be dyed for longer lasting colour. They’re exquisite, luxurious and sophisticated.


Looking for something specifically themed for your TV room, kids’ room or to match your obsession? From funny, trendy, quirky or whatever floats your boat, a novelty rug uniquely adds to your space. 

Overdyed Rugs

Overdyed rugs are made by bleaching, colour saturation and a special drying process. The result? Deep, bold colours offering you a traditional feel but with a more modern appearance.


For a more vintage look, connect various cultures, history and traditions in a floor artwork. Patchwork rugs are largely hand stitched and add an element of fun & colour to a room.


Made of silk or wool, Persian rugs are traditional and oozes class and luxury. It can add extravagance to the home.


Stripes extend a room. A large striped rug creates an illusion of depth and add a contemporary element.


For something different, a sunburst rug adds a radial design to a room. They’re modern, add warmth and are available in various colours, materials & styles.


Based on original nomadic tribal weave designs, tribal rugs are rich in colour, design and texture. They add warmth and are an instant focal point.

What Size Rug Should I Buy?

Match a rug to your room or hallway’s shape. Keep a minimum of 18” of bare floor exposed around your rug’s edges.

Living room rug size choices are 5x8, 8x10 or 9x12. Some rug size guides advise resting all your living room furniture on your rug. Others recommend placing all the furniture completely off your rug, apart from your coffee table.

Want to try on a few for size? Sydney residents can consider offers rugs of numerous lengths and widths. Pick from rectangular, round and runner shapes & find your perfect size.

What Colour Should I Choose?

A colourful rug animates neutral surroundings. Bright, light shades illuminate narrow areas. Blend a rug with your flooring for something soft and discreet. 

Solid colour maintains simplicity. Whether your palette is minimalist or sophisticated, visit our Parramatta store or shop rugs by color online for an array of options.

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